Le Plateau sur la Montagne

2_9Le Plateau is truly the ideal complex for families. It is a small alpine village located in the large alpine village of Tremblant. These are tastefully decorated high-end units.

Domaine de la Forêt
Located on the side of the mountain, the roomy apartments of Domaine de la forêt offer a natural environment with easy access to the slopes and resort village. Many of the condos with spectacular landscapes provide “ski-in” and “ski-out” access and a shuttle is available year round.


  1. Outdoor pool (summer)
  2. Skating rink (winter)
  3. 2 private lakes
  4. 18-metre waterfall
  5. Private hiking trail
  6. Washer and dryer
  7. Large fireplace
  8. Fully equipped kitchen
  9. Washer and dryer

Units Available

2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms

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