Les Sommets

Perhaps you never imagined life could be quite this idyllic.

If ever there was a perfect place to build a dream home, this is it. Far from the madding crowds and the noise of the city. Yet only 2 kilometres away from renowned Tremblant Resort. A quiet place where nature comes first, yet every imaginable commodity is within easy reach. Living each day with the dappled sun and gentle shade of forest greenery. The songs of birds filling the morning air. A clear night sky sprinkled with a thousand stars. Beautiful views wherever your gaze falls. Peace and privacy all around.

Les Sommets Mont-Tremblant.
Now pair all of this natural beauty with the close proximity of vibrant nightlife, shopping, fine dining and year-round outdoor activities. With Tremblant Resort and Mont-Tremblant National Park just a stone’s throw from your backyard, you can swim, snowboard, dance, ride a horse, cycle, hike, snowshoe, go for brunch, enjoy a romantic evening or take the kids out to the beach.

The perfect place to live is within reach. Experience the idyllic life at Les Sommets Mont-Tremblant.


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